Each Synthesis treatment is a perfect response to your needs, deeply nurturing skin and senses, lifting you beyond the stresses of daily life to discover pure renewal. As well as caring for health with pure organic botanicals and minerals, carefully formulated for each skin’s unique needs, Synthesis treatments cultivate life-force energy flow, the ‘secret’ at the heart of the world’s greatest traditions. Inherent radiance ignited, beautiful wellbeing shines through.

Synthesis Bioactive Organic Personalised Facial (60 min) $160

This treatment is a botanical journey of the senses.  Firstly purifying, then infusing your face, neck and décolletage with layer upon layer of certified organic, energy imbued® essential oils, plant extracts and bio-actives, rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, omegas and antioxidants with proven transformative benefits. These precious gifts from earth, ocean and beyond combine to boost skin cell renewal, increase collagen and elastin, tone, firm, brighten pigmentation and smooth away redness, congestion and fine lines and wrinkles. This results-driven facial restores your skin’s natural balance and healthy looking radiance.

Your youthful glow is renewed along with a deep sense of wellbeing.


Synthesis Ageless Beauty Facial (75 min) $190

All the benefits of the Bioactive Organic Facial, yet with richer formulations perfect to replenish mature skin, with our Synthesis Facial Alchemy ‘natural face lift’ technique and unique Azure gold cryotherapy to re-energise your skin and ignite the surfacing of your eternal radiance

Synthesis Organic Elemental Energy Transformative Facial (90 min) $220

Australian botanicals from the ocean, earth and rainforest combine with Australian semi-precious gems and desert stones to deliver exceptional transformative benefits by harmonising the skin’s natural healing ability. Mookaite Jasper, Azure gold, granite and marble from the Kakadu and Pilbara regions are used in an expertly designed hot and cold elemental treatment that deeply relaxes, boosts absorption of the Synthesis bio-actives, and renews your skin and senses, deeply restoring a sense of wholeness, balance and radiance.



Add on to facials:

Indian head massage (20 mins) $55

Mini Foot revive (20 mins) $55

Eye treatment (20 mins) $55

Back massage (20 mins) $55